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Vaccinate everybody who has to self isolate. My big idea.
Jewish Law, Scarcity of Sperm Donors and the Consequent Private Import of Sperm of Non-Jews by Israeli Women


It turns out that Nathan Davidson only had one Jewish grandparent here in WW2 so should not have had his business wound up or been deported by Mr Orange and Bailiff Coutanche...
That is the cultural pedigree and heritage local diplomats Chris Scholefield and Ian Gorst are both married into...

The Guarin Clayton connected house in the Caribbean with 165 different entities registered at it
(All data sourced from the Barbados Corporate Registry current through 2016)

"How's it gonna end?"
Tom Waits

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Best keeping in touch with the authorities here on this blog patch I think. Always go to them before they come to you. They always want to know what foreigners living alone are up to these days.

I would be very interested in creating a (worldwide) trade union for all foreign born workers worldwide now that the world wide web and translation apps have come along. Anyone also interested do get in touch with me. Founded here today Saturday July 24th 2021 on this blog patch. There will not be any more Open Mic work in the bars now I have decided so I need something to fill in the time I have left.