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Jewish Law, Scarcity of Sperm Donors and the Consequent Private Import of Sperm of Non-Jews by Israeli Women

Shema Yisrael. Plenty of high quality certified Jewish sperm donations are available 247 simply by filling in the Email submit form over on the right of this page. Sources include a Rothschild, Baer, Oppenheim, and Oppenheimer descendant. 18+ only.

Shema Yisrael. Seems like a good plan this website. Enough traffic and we all get what we want. Could do with the right link somewhere maybe like in an Israeli newspaper or website. Just talking to myself now. Soaking up some pop before the working week in the Diaspora. Got to get that blockchain code finished. I will be asleep soon. Someone else can get deferred. Someone else can get a long list of letters after their name. Someone else can at long last understand the first two chapters of Midnight Express.

Shema Yisrael. Someone in the Jewish community has to speak out. Prince Harry did the right thing in his Spare book letting the world know it was his brother who made the decision for him to wear that Nazi uniform to a party a few years back. It would be interesting to fathom if his wife was elected to the same school council that I was elected to.

A link explaining how the Offshore Jersey CI 'Ndrangheta clan murdered my Dad two years ago in cold blood and exactly why the local authorities did precisely nothing about it.

One of the Birmingham Airport Eurohub Terminal foundation pads is in the wrong place by exactly 100mm. I found out when I was doing some checking there on a job when it was being built. Building industry corruption is such big business it is usually not wise to talk too much about it however. Look what happened in the China Syndrome film.

Saturday 9.15am got into my V8 to find the battery had died despite having another battery die on me and get replaced by a top class mechanic a few weeks back. Sunday 4pm got back from my normal Sunday coffee at a bar to find my reading lamp electrical supply turned off at the wall when I tried to turn it on as normal to start to read. The flat was locked. There is no sign of any pysical damage. IP theft of professional trade secrets remains a possibility I must now live with. However it could all be construed as some joker trying to terrorise me copying the horses head scene in a Godfather movie so Mi5/6/7, CiA, and Mossad should be notified by someone responsible and powerful enough to do so. Gaslighting me is another possibilty or at least attempting to. Considering gas price movements this last year and the total IQ combined of all of my enemies that have established themselves here now heating bills would seem to be the trigger. PS It's about power I have decided like in '74 when Heath said who is in power here(?)(Who governs Britain?) when 10 years later in the miners' strike Thatcher crushed the coal industry. Similar scene here offshore in '23. The 'Ndrangheta State within a State here is proving its power. Proving its governance.

Theory number two is it is the Federation of Civil Engineering Contractors putting the boot into an old retirement age time Resident Engineer who once worked for a consulting engineer with a Sir in its name. I accepted a bottle of Scotch off both McAlpines and John Laing though so it must be people outside of those two two companies. The price of being an old MASCE. Some of us even fail Trump buildings occasionaly let's face it. I remember shutting down Contract 2 of the A5 when it rained once. No tea if you stop for rain as the old McAlpines fusiliers song goes. Expecting some confession final scene like the old code red film with that actor from Cukoo's nest? Think again. Then think some more...

False alarm guys. I have talked matters over with a professional and decided event interpretation of the last few days was psychological complications from the flat V8 battery. Once you have had to live in your car as anyone will tell you who has had to like me once you are left a changed man. I must have switched my reading lamp off at the wall. Evidence for that was overwhelming. Nothing much to worry about other than maybe a new alternator I think.

Judging from what Pablo Escobar is well documented as paying per item the 'Ndrangheta hit on my Dad almost two years ago will be reflected in one or more of the annual bonus payments from the RBC to Mrs Morag E Davidson since that time. It pays to read. Innocence can also be judged from the same accounts. You get between 10% and 1/3 off your sentence for a guilty plea in GBH according to the Bartlett and Ms Kay trial yesterday from 12 till lunch at 1 with a dude calling himself the inferior number at the Royal Court. The water bill arrived today. Legal aid does not allow for probate I was told.

Like Jeff Bezos says you can reach 80 and look back and say I wish I had done those things so I thought I would write a blog to you all after getting off set having done my weekly guitar and vocals gig. Is it better than sex like they say(?) depends on who you have been with. I might get some rest now. I have to jump start the V8 to get it to the mechanics in the morning. I used a few solar panels to keep the jump starting battery pack charged but my simple MASME is antique. I am out of date, out of time, and out of luck. I guess I could reach 80 and look back on this blog one day. A backstage party after the event they call it I think. Welcome to your backstage pass...

Found a reliable source with an interesting word in it; préciput meaning the right of the eldest son to the principal share of the real property; this kept farms intact to a certain extent. I have noted the past tense.

Another reliable source says "The Beneficiary must wait a year and a day from the date of the grant of probate before they can make any use of the inheritance in case the Will is contested, but this period may be waived by agreement between all parties, and this is the norm. The Executor may require a simple indemnity to be signed by the beneficiary if a distribution is made before the year and a day has expired."

The fief of Sark was sold to a Judge's daughter in 1730 then a Privateer's daughter once in 1852 remember. Shoddy + 3rd rate = La Moye or a heavy Police bribe. There is no alternative 3.

I had thought land-sharking had gone out of style with the Yakuza in Japan decades ago but attempts of it are still being made here in sunny Offshore Jersey CI and more specifically on me. Luckily enough though an adviser has advised to having put the water bill in my name implying a claim that I have been living here without permission for over 10 years which with two other documents gives me squatters rights in English law.